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Bills Introduced


Child Welfare

By Mr. BROWN – S. 2900. A bill to provide states with the incentives, flexibility, and resources to develop child welfare services that focus on improving circumstances for children, whether in foster care or in their own homes.
To the Committee on Finance.

Reproductive Health

By Mrs. JONES – H. Res. 1131. A resolution recognizing that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention observes the month of April as “National STD Awareness Month,” and urging the House of Representatives to focus greater attention on activities related to the prevention of STDs and screening and treatment for STDs.
To the Committee on Energy and Commerce.


Food Security

By Mr. HARKIN – S. 2903. A bill to provide for a temporary extension of programs authorized by the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 beyond April 25, 2008.
Considered and passed.


By Ms. MURKOWSKI – S. 2911. A bill to improve vaccination rates among children.
To the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

By Ms. CASTOR – H.R. 5901. A bill to eliminate contributing factors to disparities in breast cancer treatment through the development of a uniform set of consensus-based breast cancer treatment performance measures for a six-year quality reporting system and value-based purchasing system under the Medicare Program.
To the Committees on Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce.

Child Care

By Mr. MENENDEZ – S. Res. 531. A resolution supporting the goals and ideals of a “National Child Care Worthy Wage Day.”
To the Committee on the Judiciary.

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