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Bills Introduced March: 18-22, 2019


H.R. 1828—Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)/Judiciary (3/18/19)—A bill to require annual reporting by employers of the number of settlements with employees regarding claims of discrimination on the basis of sex, including verbal and physical sexual harassment, and for other purposes.                                          

Family Support

H.R. 1846—Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA)/Energy and Commerce; Ways and Means (3/21/19)—A bill to address the increased burden that maintaining the health and hygiene of infants and toddlers places on families in need, the resultant adverse health effects on children and families, and the limited child care options available for infants and toddlers who lack sufficient diapers, and for other purposes.

Tax Policy

H.R. 1829—Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)/Ways and Means (3/18/19)—A bill to deny a deduction for severance payments made in connection with sexual misconduct.

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