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Defense Conference Report Approved by House

On October 10, the House approved, 409-14, the conference report for the FY2003 defense appropriations bill (H.R. 5010). H.R. 5010 provides $355.1 billion for the Department of Defense (DoD) in FY2003, a $21 billion increase over FY2002 and $1.6 billion less than the President’s request.

H.R. 5010 level-funds peer-reviewed breast cancer and ovarian cancer research at the DoD at $150 million and $10 million, respectively. The measure also provides an additional $12.8 million for the DoD’s Comprehensive Breast Care Project and $6 million for Peer-Reviewed Breast Cancer Imaging Research.

Additionally, the measure provides $50 million for other DoD peer-reviewed medical research, including bone-related diseases. Last year, Congress allocated $2.8 million for osteoporosis research. A number of other projects are funded under the peer-reviewed medical research program, including studies on interstitial cystitis. H.R. 5010 also allocates $7 million for global HIV/AIDS prevention programs and $6.3 million for HIV/AIDS research programs. Last year, Congress allocated $14 million for HIV/AIDS prevention activities. In addition, the measure provides $58 million for international humanitarian assistance.

The measure also contains a new provision that provides $5 million for the operation of domestic violence fatality review teams. Another provision provides $3 million for impact aid for children with disabilities.

The Senate is expected to consider the conference report next week.

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