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House Passes National Defense Authorization Act

On July 14, the House, approved, 344-81, H.R. 2810, the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2018, as amended. The House Committee on Armed Services approved the bill on June 28; the Senate Committee on Armed Services approved its version on the same day (see The Source, 6/30/17).

The bill would authorize a total of $704.3 billion in overall funding, including $692.2 billion in discretionary funding for FY2018.

Programs within the Department of Defense would be authorized to receive $688.3 billion in discretionary funds. The bill would authorize $74.6 billion for overseas contingency operations and $141.870 billion for military personnel. It would authorize $33.545 billion for the Defense Health Program and $20.772 billion for national security programs under the Department of Energy.

The legislation would amend the Uniform Code of Military Justice to increase the minimum punishment for sex-related crimes to include imprisonment for two years. The current minimum punishment only includes dismissal or dishonorable discharge. In addition, the bill would prohibit the nonconsensual sharing of intimate photos or videos by service members.

The measure would allow the secretary of Defense to provide financial support for “the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of exhibits, facilities, historical displays, and programs at military service memorials and museums that highlight the role of women in the Armed Forces.”

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