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Resolution on Strong Marriages Approved

A nonbinding resolution (H. Res. 280) commending public policies designed to encourage strong marriages was approved, by voice vote, by the House on June 12.

Sponsored by Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), the resolution focuses on the Greater Grand Rapids Community Marriage Policy in his home state. According to the resolution, the Grand Rapids government has adopted a policy that “outlines a menu for a successful marriage, including not marrying too young, finishing school, choosing a mate with similar values, dating at least a year before marriage, completing a premarital course, waiting to cohabit until after marriage, emphasizing the positive, sharing the household duties, worshiping together, having fun together, and remembering that commitment is the foundation for successful marriage.”

The resolution encourages other communities to adopt a similar policy, “to enable community members to work together to strengthen marriages and provide stable environments for children.”

Speaking on the House floor, Rep. Ehlers lauded efforts to encourage strong marriages. “It is important to recognize that we cannot do a great deal at the federal level, but we can certainly encourage community-level activity, particularly activity that is having a good effect,” he said.

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