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Congress Temporarily Extends Funding for DHS

On February 27, Congress approved H.R. 33, which would extend funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through March 6.

On January 14, the House approved H.R. 240, a bill to fund DHS through FY2015 and block President Obama’s executive order to expand immigration deportation deferrals (see The Source, 1/16/15). However, the bill failed to garner the requisite 60 votes required in the Senate to end cloture and move to final passage. The Senate then passed a version of H.R. 240 that stripped the immigration-related provisions. The amended version failed to pass the House.

Stopgap funding for DHS, which Congress included in the omnibus spending bill (P.L. 113-235) approved in December 2014, expired at midnight on February 27.

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