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House Committee Hears From Food Assistance Stakeholders

On September 30, the House Agriculture Committee held a hearing, “U.S. International Food Aid Programs: Stakeholder Perspectives.”

In describing the work of Title II of the Food for Peace Act (P.L. 480), Lucas Koach, director of Public Policy and Advocacy, Food for the Hungry, said, “Nearly all Title II development programs incorporate a maternal-child nutrition component. Local organizations are formed to support better nutrition of women and children, use of latrines and other sanitary practices, and the development and maintenance of clean water sources. The practices used in households with nutritionally thriving children in communities that otherwise suffer high rates of malnutrition can be identified and used as positive examples. Community members volunteer to participate in ‘training of trainer’ sessions and to lead ‘mothers clubs’ or ‘Care Groups’ that provide training and outreach within the community.” Mr. Koach added that “[g]ender-based violence is being combatted with innovative media campaigns and nutritional support has been provided to pregnant and lactating women and children under 59 months old” under the program.

The following witnesses also testified:

  • Laura Dills, deputy regional director, Program Quality, East Africa Regional Office, Catholic Relief Services, Baltimore, MD;
  • John Didion, chief executive officer, Didion Milling
  • Jeff Peanick, chief executive officer, Breedlove Foods, Inc.
  • Wade Cowan, president, American Soybean Association; and
  • James William Warshaw, chair, Food Aid Subcommittee, USA Rice.
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