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House Committee Passes Bills to Combat Violence Against Women

On November 2, the House Judiciary Committee approved several bills, including H.R. 3249, the Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act of 2017, H.R. 3317, the Stopping Abusive Female Exploitation Act, and H.R. 4203, the Combat Online Predators Act, as amended.

H.R. 3249

Sponsored by Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA), the measure would establish regional gang task forces in areas with high levels of organized crime groups posing threats to safety and increasing human trafficking.

H.R. 3317

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Dave Trott (R-MI), would increase the penalty for performing female genital mutilations from five to 15 years.

H.R. 4203

Among other provisions, the bill, sponsored by Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), would increase the penalty for online stalkers of children.

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