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Supplemental Appropriations Bills Clears Senate

On May 27, the Senate passed, 67-28, the FY2010 supplemental spending bill (H.R. 4899). The Senate Appropriations Committee approved the measure on May 13 (see The Source, 5/14/10).

According to the committee report, the bill provides $58.962 billion in funding for military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, compensation for veterans, and disaster relief.

The Department of Defense would receive $32.787 billion for overseas contingency operations. This amount includes $1.787 billion for military personnel and $33.367 million for the Defense Health Program.

The State Department would receive funding for the following:

  • $1.326 billion for diplomatic and consular affairs for programs in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, and Mexico. This amount is $546 million below the president’s request.
  • International peacekeeping efforts would receive $96.5 million.
  • The Global Health and Child Survival program would receive $45 million to fight influenza pandemics.
  • Migration and refugee assistance programs would receive $165 million.
  • The Economic Security Fund (ESF) would receive $2.49 billion. Funding for the ESF includes $80 million for health and education services in Afghanistan, $60 million for the Social and Economic Services and Protection of Women in Pakistan, and $112 million for health programs in Haiti.
  • $460 million for international disaster assistance for humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti. This amount is $103.9 million above President Obama’s request.

The committee recommends $15 million “to strengthen Afghan women’s justice programs, which is $7,000,000 above the request, to address the severe impediments facing Afghan women in obtaining access to justice” (p. 65).

Haiti would receive ongoing disaster relief and recovery assistance from various departments under H.R. 4899. Specifically, the Department of Agriculture would receive $150 million for P.L. 480 Food for Peace Title II grants for humanitarian relief, as requested by President Obama, while the Department of Health and Human Services would receive $220 million for relief activities in Haiti, also as requested by the president.

With regard to trafficking in persons in Haiti, the Senate report indicates, “A portion of [the $5.5 million] should be used to provide protection from gender-based violence, including in IDP [internally displaced persons] camps. Funds should also be considered for advocates for child and adult victims of sexual abuse during investigations and prosecutions of such crimes” (p. 65).

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